On the Matter of Voting and Get Out the Vote Post.

You are free to vote for who every you want regardless any of the get out the vote post; you are free to vote straight Democrat or Republican or in-between.

To my fellow Christians, voting is a matter of adiaphora, that is matters of indifferent; there is no scriptural basis to impose a duty to vote or vote for certain candidate or political party on the right or left. When there is a conflict between the candidate and their beliefs, abstaining from voting is a valid option. Finally abstaining from voting is a valid and well within one right to free speech. No person has a right to impose a duty to vote.




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Radom Thoughts on Elon Musk Owing Twitter

What fools these mortals be.

One week ago; Conserves Twitter is a public * utility and we must break up big ** tech like Twitter. Twitter censorship is a threat to democracy.

Liberals: Twitter is a private company and has a right to determine who post on Twitter.

After Friday

Conservatives: Elon bought Twitter, freedom, and democracy.

Liberals: Twitter is a threat to democracy.

*  Public ___________ (example public space public utility), an erroneous method by liberals and now conservatives to arbitrary redefine  private property to justify government regulations.

** Big: a subjective pejorative assign to justify greater government regulation and infringement of private property. Examples are BIG Tech, BIG pharma.

To me leadership was a problem but not the problem; the problem is Twitter. First, I think it impossible to have a coherent and thoughtful discussion in a maximum of 250 characters. Trump Tweets and trolls for example. Second, Twitter seems to bring out the worst in people.

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Responding to Internet Trolls, Politicians and Litterbox Hoax

If 2022 is not bad enough, I need to raise an alarm be over ignorance and internet trolls and activist playing gotcha, and discredit undiscerning conservatives, by using hoaxes used to troll fury fandom.

The hoax goes like this: school X, to accommodate a set of students who identify with and act like cats, is placing litterboxes in restrooms. Conservative activists, parents, and media have taken the bait, thinking they have a juicy piece of information, raise the alarm based on this hoax. Finally liberal media says gotcha it was a hoax and in more recent articles, go on a diatribe on identity politics and supposed “homophobic.” “transphobic” conservatives.

The prank and tactic started in Michigan in January and now spread to many states including my own.

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Breakthrough: How Data Calls into question an Implied Narrative

How Data Calls into question an Implied  and justification for forced Vaccine Mandates and Events restrictions.

Every weekday I set my alarm to KXL 101.1 FM to catch the news when I wake up. One day I heard a fast-talking report about 25% of new cases of COVID-19 are vaccinated individuals and of that 25% only 4% need hospitalization and of that on 1% died. This perked my interest, and I was reading the Breakthrough case report – November 4, , 2021: 

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